Aesthetics of Everyday Work


Aesthetics of Everyday Work, Toning into Joy and Wonder – Johanna Kiesiläinen-Riihelä

Text: Johanna Kiesiläinen-Riihelä
Editing: Salla Matilainen
Translation: Rebecca Watson
Photo: Antti Rintala
Illustrations and layout design: Johanna Ilander

Language: English


Come Join the Gentle Revolution of Work! 

Aesthetics of Everyday Work is about uncovering the extraordinary in the ordinary, engaging the senses and tuning into beauty. With practical examples, exercises and researched insight, this book is your guide to a daily life where Mondays are filled with miracles, and productivity and joy go hand in hand. Join author Johanna Kiesiläinen-Riihelä, as she leads you through 12 simple beauty routines to infuse your workdays with meaning and sparkle.

Author Johanna Kiesiläinen-Riihelä (M.Sc., LL.M) is a creative developer of work environments and practices, an empowering and solution-focused coach, and a visualist who wants to engage all of the senses. Her purpose is to help others cultivate beauty and flourishing at work.

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