Fiskars Village – 13 stories


Fiskars Village – 13 stories

Project Management : Noora Hostikka
Texts: Hanna Jensen, (s.  26-27 Anna Englund), (s. 44-45 Erica Mena), (s. 108 Mikko Räty), (s. 162-163 Petra Vallila)
Translation: Rebecca Watson
Editing: Mintie Das
Styling: Anu Kattilakoski
Photography & layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Language: English


This book pays homage to the everyday and the daily life in Fiskars Village, its real homes and real people. Life happens in the lived and shared moments, the tasks and routines that reflect our values and the spaces where we feel at home and present. Houses that are made into homes because of the meaning we give our experiences, in sustainability and dependability.

Fiskars was founded on the last day of October in 1649. The ironworks stood along the Fiskars River. The river that provided waterpower and passage to the rest of the world. The company took its name from the river. Still today, 375 years later, Fiskars stands in its birthplace, as part of the everyday life of this unique village.

The book inspires us all to appreciate the uniqueness of everyday life, to be conscious of our choices, and to live a life that looks and feels like our own. 

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