Helsinki – People Make the City


Laura Iisalo & Melanie Dower – Helsinki – People Make the City

Texts: Melanie Dower & Laura Iisalo
Photography: Laura Iisalo
Layout Design: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Kieli: Englanti
Language : English


Helsinki – People Make the City is a book full of stories from the capital´s creative makers and doers. It´s an insider´s guide for those looking to discover and experience the local way of life. You are invited to explore inspiring shops and eateries and meet the people who run them. Six Helsinki residents share their idea of a perfect day spent in their neighbourhood so you can do the same. Helsinki Black Book lists memorable design, food and wellness destinations to make the most of your own Nordic journey. The book also features secret recipes for local restaurant classics and seasonal DIY projects so you can take a piece of Helsinki with you to share with friends and family at home. 

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