Little Guide Book to Sustainability


Karita Sainio – Little Guide Book to Sustainability
Texts: Karita Sainio
Editing: Elina Lähteenmäki
Layout design: Päivi Häikiö

Little Guide Book to Sustainability is the modern woman’s guide to sustainable choices. The book is handy to slip in the handbag, leave out to inspire on the coffee table or buy as a gift for a good friend. It abounds in practical advice, fresh ideas and easy ways to make daily life more sustainable. Readers are invited to examine their carbon footprint, create sustainable goals and find new insight. Delving into areas of the home like the wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and kitchen as well as digital work environments, the guide provides tips for daily living that will also crank up the feelgood factor. The beautiful book is an intelligent, empowering and inspiring toolkit for leading a more sustainable life. 

Author Karita Sainio works with ethical brands, mentors entrepreneurs and companies working with sustainability, and creates new business concepts connected to sustainability. She has founded Helsinki-based PR Agency Sugar Helsinki. This is her second book on sustainability. 

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