The Potted Garden – All Year Round


The Potted Garden, All Year Round – Sanna Rasku & Saija Sitolahti

Arrangements and text: Sanna Rasku & Saija Sitolahti
Photography: Sanna Rasku
Translation: Lotta Leppälä
Plants and containers: Järvenpään Kukkatalo Oy
Layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Language: English


Potted arrangements colour their surroundings even before spring has fully arrived. In the height of summer, they add layers to a flowering garden. Gently brush a lavender and thyme planting – oh, the enchanting scent! Can you hear the buzz of bumblebees?

The Potted Garden – All Year Round offers you a wealth of ideas for beautiful arrangements. Spring, early summer, late summer, autumn, winter, and Christmas – there is something for every season. The seasons in nature provide us with ample opportunity for potted displays. Different colours, growth habits, types of flowers, leaf shapes, and container styles draw you in and make you stay.

The tips in this book will get you started – joy and playfulness allowed!

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