Vegalicious Cheesecakes


Vegalicious Cheesecakes, Bakery-Style Plant-Based Cheesecakes and Treats – Ilse R. Pinner

Recipes: Ilse R. Pinner
Editing: Rebecca Watson
Photography and Layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Language: English


Indulge in the world of delicious and decadent egg- and dairy-free recipes with a bakery-style twist! 

With Vegalicious Cheesecakes, you’ll discover the art of creating incredible “cheesecakey” plant-based sweet treats. Written by professional vegan pastry chef Ilse R. Pinner, the book includes more than 80 recipes, along with useful tips and essential information to elevate your pastry game, whether you’re a business owner or treating loved ones. 

From classics like the NY or Basque Cheesecake to unique creations like the Raspberry & Hazelnut Breton Tartlets, each recipe not only looks beautiful but delivers an irresistible taste.

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