Where Flowers Bloom


Where Flowers Bloom – Anna-Maija Niittynen

Texts: Anna-Maija Niittynen
Translation: Rebecca Watson
Photography: Minttu Saarni, Viola Minerva Virtamo
Layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Language: English


This is a story about local cut flowers and how beautiful, natural bouquets come to life. Offering a fresh perspective on flower philosophy, this book is perfect for flower enthusiasts who care about making thoughtful and informed choices.

I’m Anna, a horticulturist harvesting my own flowers in Southwest Finland. Drawing on my family’s rich farming heritage, the wonders of nature and my experience as a landscape designer, I’ve created a world enriched with the beauty of local blooms.

Join me on a floral journey, where we’ll explore the inspiration found in meadows and the untamed beauty of nature – from the vibrant hues of snapdragons and dahlias to the gentle chime of harebells, a sense of freedom and the sway of tall grasses. The practical tips will guide home gardeners to succeed in their own backyards.

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