Nordic Winter Cookbook (ENG), book + E-book version


Viola Minerva Virtamo – Nordic Winter Cookbook

Recipes, ideas, photography & layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo
Editing: Elina Lähteenmäki
Translation: Rebecca Watson

Language: English (suomenkielinen versio saatavana täältä)


The long Nordic winter season is punctuated by delicious culinary feasts – Christmas shining as the brightest star. Any excuse to get creative in the kitchen and gather our nearest and dearest around the table brings light in the middle of the dark. An alluring, shimmering elegance points the way to a winter wonderland. This is your chance to taste genuine seasonal delicacies!
For a pre-Christmas cocktail party, finesse slices of archipelago bread with piquant apple & whitefish tartar and vegetable carpaccio. Celebrate the New Year by decking the table with blinis. After a day in the snow on Shrove Tuesday, there’s nothing like tucking into classic salmon soup and cream-filled ‘semla’. Decorate the festive table with a wreath of evergreens and serve up some creamy artichoke soup, gin & beetroot cured salmon, a new take on Finnish ‘rosolli’ salad and parmesan & thyme broccoli. How about some velvety cardamom cake, mouth-watering gingerbread tiramisu or sea buckthorn cheesecake for dessert?

Nordic Winter Cookbook serves up an abundance of Nordic festive treats. The book covers the tastiest savoury and sweet recipes, instructions for nature-inspired DIY decorations and foodie gift ideas. The seasonal delicacies with a modern twist make use of local ingredients, elevating traditional Nordic recipes into the new millennium.

Viola Minerva Virtamo is the author of five bestselling titles. The last three were published also in English, turning into international hits. Her cookbooks reveal her handprint every step of the way: as a multitalent, she takes care of everything from the concept and recipes to the photography and layout.


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